Taking photographs is an excellent way to observe the world, and to me it is a perfect tool to take a deep insight into the world and people around us.  Especially nowadays, when we are constantly in a rush and we pass that other world, which is also ours. I wish my works would provoke thinking about passing life, and that it is worth stopping , and looking, and see that there is another world and people, who are frequently waiting for somebody or something.

My passion can be described in such words „Observe to see. Take photographs so as not to forget”.

Imperative: „They have eyes, but cannot see”.

My greatest passion is travel and street photography. The greatest challenge – people. Black and white photography enables to avoid chaos and focus on the most important elements.

The story of me taking photographs is strictly related to an amazing form and colours of my homeland. Nowa Ruda – Słupiec and area surrounding that place is undoubtedly one of the best places in Poland to take outdoor photos. It was my father who first gave me a camera. It was Simena 6 and I was only 7 back then.

Photography is just one of many of my passions. First, I am a Salesian Priest. I work as a Head Teacher of a Salesian Secondary School in Wroclaw and as a President of a Salesian Volountary Organization in Wrocław Youth to the World. Along with the youth we organize volunteer mission trips to Siberia, Ghana, Mongolia. I am currently working on volunteer projects to Bolivia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia.
One of my greatest photographic achievements are the many reactions of people who are watching my pictures and often decide to help. As one of the eight laureates I have also obtained a prestigious award granted by  National Geographic, Poland in the Great Photo Contest for the work „Despite all”.

You can find my works at and you can also see them at photography exhibitions: „Russia – black and white” – 3rd edition, „Charm of Mexico” – 2nd edition, „Ghana poor and rich” – 3rd edition. Currently an exhibition „Another world” presents 50 black and white photos which sum up my achievements.

Thank you to those who helped me and without whom there would be no photographs and exhibitions.

tłumaczenie: Ewa Jaroszczuk